Our Work

Mission 2020-2021

We are trying to provide covid shield things to people like face Mask.

Social Awareness

We tried to reach people and gave them the message of Covid19

Helping Hand

From the front, we tried to provide covid shield items to people who can't afford.


We tried to provide Sadaka & Zakat to them during Pandemic.

Food Support in Covid19

We tried to provide food to needy people from the fund of Zakat & Sadakah during Covid19 brokedown.

What Happened ?

When Covid19 came to our country, many people lost their job during lockdown. Hand to mouth people were helpless. Many of them were seeking daily job to support their family.

What we did ?

We tried our level best to support families by purchasing groceries from our sadakah & zakat fund.

Impact Duration

4-5 months lockdown impact was visible. During that time food & earning crisis happened.

Foreign Charity

We tried our level best to do foreign charity through many international Islamic organization

Our Mission

Join with muslim ummah in good deeds.

Our Vision

Take LOI in international level so that many Muslim ummah can be benefited from us.

Our Goal

Do Work without Judgement