Terms and Condition for Providing Zakat/Donation to LOI

Read the rules:

1) Before giving your zakat or donation responsibility to LOI, make sure that you have no near relatives to give Zakat/Donation. According to Islamic terminology, your near relatives & neighbour are the prime concern if they are eligible to receive zakat or donation.

2) If you are too busy to complete this, LOI can take your responsibility.

3) You need to give expense like transport, food cost of LOI volunteers during this charity work which will not be included in your zakat/donation.

4) LOI will not take a single penny for complete this responsibilities.

5) You need to pay your zakat/donation in cash.

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    1) LOI will not take a single penny for this noble work from you. Audit team will submit a copy to you of your charity where it is ditributed.

    2) LOI will select Zakat receiver amoung the community abide by the rules of zakat. LOI team will try to verify as much as they can before provide zakat. After then if zakat will be given to any wrong person then we can ask forgiveness to Allah swt but LOI will not be responsible to give accountability to Zakat provider

    3) You can join with us but LOI will not give you any remuneration.