September 7, 2021

Is Jesus God

90 Verses in the Bible say Jesus is not God All four Gospels record Jesus as saying, “Blessed are the peace-makers; they will be called sons […]
February 25, 2021

Ruling on music, singing and dancing

Question I have always heard that music, singing and dancing are haram in Islam. I went to a particular site for the first time and typed […]
February 25, 2021

Ruling on masturbation and how to cure the problem

Question I have a question which I am shy to ask but another sister who has come to Islam recently wants an answer to and I […]
February 17, 2021

Fasting in the month of Rajab

Question Is there any special virtue in fasting during the month of Rajab? Answer Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  The month of Rajab is one of […]
February 13, 2021

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